Look Years Younger!

Look Years Younger!

A lot of people are buying facial creams and serum and in some cases, spending hundreds of dollars to find out after a while that it didn’t work.

Most of people do not use a cleansing skin system before applying facial creams or serums and therefore they are not preparing the skin to be ready to receive nutrients and substances that will help the skin to look young again.

A cleansing system is crucial to remove dust, makeup and skin impurities that are acting as a barrier preventing the absorption of nutrients. This way, by doing a complete facial cleansing, cream’s active ingredients and nutrients can be absorbed properly when applied to a well cleaned and new skin and full benefits can be achieved.

Learn three steps to have young looking and beautiful skin:

  • Exfoliating: Remove dead skin cells so they can be replaced by new healthy skin cells.
  • Daily Gentle Cleanse: Remove dirt, makeup and other impurities from skin surface daily to allow nutrients to penetrate and keep skin healthy.
  • Moisturizing and Nourishing: Give the skin the nutrients needed to look young and radiant.


To have a young looking skin you need to understand first the basic structure and function of the outer layer of the skin.

The outer layer of the skin (Epidermis) is very active. Contains different layers that have different stages of skin cells. These cells reproduce by division in the deepest area of the epidermis and move to the outer layer while they age. The surface of the skin is made of flattened dead skin cells (due to lack of nourishment) that have a protective function. These cells are continually shed and get renewed.

When old or dead skin cells are replaced, the skin will look more radiant and healthier. This turnover of skin cells on the surface of the skin gets reduced when we age.

      •   Exfoliating

By using an Exfoliator at least once a month, the dead cells from the epidermis are removed and the turnover of skin cells is triggered. New skin cells will replace the old ones and the skin will look younger and healthier. By doing this we prepare the skin for moisturizing and nourishing. Note: It is not recommended to abuse of Exfoliators by using them daily since they can damage healthy cells as well. Remember that you just want to speed up the skin natural process to renew cells that gets slow down with the age.

      •   Cleanse

In addition, your uncovered skin is exposed daily, for many hours to the environment, dirt and other particles get stuck on the surface of your skin, preventing nutrients from facial creams or serums to penetrate deeper so do not spend your money on expensive facial creams or treatments that are not going to be effective. Use first a gentle facial cleanser that removes dirt, makeup and other impurities. Now your skin is ready to receive and absorb nutrients.

      •   Moisturizing and Nourishing

To find the right facial moisturizing products, we need to take a deep look to the skin structure and functions and make sure that the skin care products you buy contain certain key ingredients.

Under the Epidermis we find the inner primary layer of the skin called Dermis contains the proteins collagen and elastin plus some fat type of molecules called lipids and special molecules that bound water and keep the skin hydrated as hyaluronic acid.

Collagen comprises approximately 70-80% of the dermis and is primarily responsible for skin’s tensile strength. Studies show that when we age the rate of collagen synthesis in the skin decreases.

Elastin is the skin’s intact elastic fiber network, which occupies approximately 2-4% of the dermis and provides resilience and suppleness. Studies show that elastin exhibits numerous age-related changes, including slow degradation and the accumulation of damage in existing elastin with intrinsic aging, to name some.

Lipids in the skin are different type of fat/oil molecules as ceramides, phospholipids, fatty acids, etc., that form a fatty matrix that gives mechanical, cohesive and protective properties to the skin. Coconut oil and its derivatives, normally in base creams as well as other oils from avocado, grape seed and jojoba are rich on different type of lipids.

Hyaluronic acid is a very important compound for the skin since it can bind up to 1,000 times its volume in water, therefore, skin hydration is highly related to the content and distribution of hyaluronic acid and other related compounds. Studies show that significantly more of the water in aged skin is in a free form instead bound with skin molecules as hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the characteristically dry and wrinkled aged skin appearance.

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